Living a Zero Waste life

For sometime we as a family have been looking into ways we can reduce the effects we have on the environment. Our biggest concern is about the amount of plastic we seem to use and the longterm effects it has on the world we live in. Currently millions upon millions of tiny pieces of plastic called micro plastics are floating around the sea, these plastics slowly over time break into smaller and smaller pieces but never go away, video footage has shown small tiny Plankton consuming these tiny fragments, in turn the Plankton are eaten by bigger fish and they in turn are eaten by bigger fish, until we get to the greatest of all sea creatures the Whale.

Coral Reefs that have been around for many thousands of years are now dead because of the pollution caused by plastic and oil in the water, complex colonies have now disappeared, and the many thousands of colourful corals and fish have all moved on or died.

Even the birds who feed on the big blue sea are affected by the plastic in the ocean, many hundreds of birds are now being found on beaches around the world with stomachs full of plastic, because of this they are unable to consume normal food and starve to death, this is not only found in adult birds but the young as well. Even the Great Whale is effected by the plastic we produce, recently i saw footage of such a sad site, the video showed a whale lying on a beach slowly dyeing from starvation and the people could only stand and watch at the time unsure why this was happening, it was only when they did a autopsy afterwards that they found a large amount of plastic in the stomach of the whale, it was unable to consume or digest anymore and so passed away.

The problem we face today is a emergency that all need to wake up to, the plastic we use and discard is poisoning our oceans, the food we eat and the air we breathe, i worry about the future we are leaving our children and for future generations, the fact is we all have a choice we are the caretakers of this unique world, it is our responsibility to protect it, by reducing the amount of plastic we produce we may start to reverse the harm we have done.

This is why we as a family have decided to live a life without single use plastic, we realise this is not a easy task as plastic is everywhere we look, its in our homes, in the cars we drive, the planes we fly, the toiletries we buy and holds the food we eat. Now obviously we understand that we cannot rid our lives totally of plastic after all i am typing on a keyboard and the keys are made of plastic my phone to has plastic in it some where or other, but there are certain things we can do to reduce our impact, for instance no longer buy products that come i single use plastics, make some of our own toiletries and cleaning products, source what we need from companies that do not use plastic.

This Blog is our Journey and what we have learned that we wanted to share with you who is reading this, we hope you find it helpful.

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