Wave Goodbye to Wet Wipes

There everywhere in the bathroom the kitchen, the car we have wet wipes to clean our faces polish our furniture and polish our sides, but why do we depend so much on this one product and what are they really made from.

Wet wipes are made from small plastic fibres they are actually one of the biggest headaches to the water industry, as many of them get flushed down the toilet and end up clogging up the sewers making what they call in the industry fatbergs. Even the so called flushable wipes 99% of the time are not actually biodegradable and the country spends millions each year getting rid of them. Currently we in the UK use around 11,000,000,000 wet wipes all these wipes ether get flushed down the loo or end up in landfills the problem is because they are made of plastic fibres it will take a long time for them to degrade, like all single use plastics we only use them for a short time, in this case seconds and then they take many many years to degrade down.

It seems that we have become creatures of convenience, and most of us do not even know or are aware of this fact that wipes contain plastic, but hopefully by reading this you to can make that decision to stop buying wet wipes, this situation has got so bad that in London there is even a new river bank just made up of these things. We do not have to use wet wipes if we reflect back most families wiped there sides with a cloth there face with a cloth, amazing a cloth that can be washed and used over and over again, however if you would prefer that disposable wipe then why not just make your own, take some strong kitchen towel separate it from the roll and place the towels into a container that you can seal, how about recycling some plastic container you find around the house, when we went through our cupboards we found a good 3o types of containers with lids. Then take some coconut oil, distilled water, baby shampoo and liquid fragrance, follow this link to the video i found How to make baby wipes! | DIY BABY WIPES the video is by “do it for a dime” so it is not only better but cheaper as well and only takes a couple of seconds to make.

The fact is we don’t need to buy wet wipes no more than we need to buy plastic carrier bags, we do so because it is convenient but by just making a few simple changes to our lives then we can make a big change to the world. Follow this link to a petition to ban the use of plastic from friends of the earth Help reduce plastic in oceans, just remember time is fast running out and the decisions you make today we decide the future we leave for our children and those after them, we can ether be the generation that destroyed the world or the generation that saved it.

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2 thoughts on “Wave Goodbye to Wet Wipes”

  1. Hiya, we buy both nappies and wetwipes from Lillydoo. They’re vegan-friendly and biodegradable, as is the packaging. The only downside is that they are shipped from Germany, so not great in terms of carbon footprint. Mind you, I’ve seen that you mention the evil Amazon in your blog…


    1. Hi Jenny thanks for the comment I will take a look at the company you mentioned and if they are as you say add them to the list of products I have on the vegan products page.
      Hi, Jenny, I have had a look at this company however they are not zero waste so I could not recommend them all the products I use or recommend need to be 100% safe and reusable were possible the nappies I have found are machine washable, also they use sodium polyacrylate, which is very useful when it comes to absorbing water but also very toxic.


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