A Close Shave

It is estimated that at least 2 billion razors end up in landfills each year, the issue with razors is that they are very difficult to recycle, they consist of three types of materials, firstly the main body of the razor is made from plastic, this can consist of several types which can be hard to separate and very costly, then you have the grip which consists of rubber which is designed to be more comfortable in the hand and less likely to slip, of course not all disposable razors come with a rubber grip and then there is finally the blade itself this can be made from stainless steel or aluminium.  

Plastic is like a poison that is killing our planet and whilst we continue to use products like the disposable razor we are contributing to a ever increasing problem. There is some silver lining to this recently a company called TerraCycle have teamed up with Gillette to take back disposable razors.  TerraCycle specialises in recycling products that are hard to recycle, however if you and i am unaware of this process how are we to send back the razor, the only reason i am aware and now yourself is because i have done some research about disposable razors, but lets face fact, most people if you asked them about this would most probably not be aware.  

The problem we face in society is that we have become a throw away society, it is far easier for us to simply throw away what we do not need and let someone else deal with it.  This as we can see has presented a huge challenge, as we try to now clean up the very oceans we have contaminated.  


So what is the alternative, well we could go back to the day of not shaving, however i am not to sure that would go down well with many people who like the clean shaven look, and many women with hairy legs, but do not fret there are options available firstly  the electric razor, i myself have used one for many years and i am always happy with the results, it never will shave as close and smooth as a razor but i have always liked the feel of sandpaper lol.  However if you like the closeness that a razor can give Sweeney Todd is giving away free shaves, or you could just buy a cut throat razor or a safety razor, these are not to expensive there are various options from metal to wooden handles and they cost around about £20+.

 Considering the choices available i think the safety razor looks very snazzy and i am thinking of trading my electric for a safety this way i am reducing the impact i have on the environment by reducing my energy consumption.

I found the follow company on Amazon they are a zero waste company which is great, i know someone who has one and they love it Bambaw they sell them for £16.99 on amazon they also sell various

Now whilst i still have your attention thats if you have not already fell asleep, i just wanted to give a quick update on some of the products i have been using over the past few weeks, so far i am finding the soap nuts are very good at washing my clothes however they are not good at removing stubborn stains however i have come across a product called a Eco Egg, Helen picked one of these up a couple of months ago and it seems to do  great job also soap nuts leaves a distinct smell on your clothes were the eco egg does not, with reference to the toothpaste i did run out out at one point and started to use my old toothpaste again and have recently just made up some more toothpaste I have added some red mint i got from the garden as the toothpaste melted when to warm this seems to stop it from happening, between the change of toothpaste i noticed my gums start to bleed a little however now that i have been using it again for a couple of days it has stopped, i think is due to the coconut oil being very good at ridding your gums of bacteria also my teeth feel cleaner, i have seen another recipe i am looking to try which is made from spices and will be making a mouth wash soon as well, on a different note i will shortly be doing youtube videos comparing different recipes and products i find to see what really works i am really looking forward to it in fact i am quite excited about the whole thing.  If there is anything you would like to suggest remember to comment below, ay feedback would be great and remember to watch out for the videos, i hopefully will be able to do this every day soon so by you watching the videos etc will support us and means we can carry on bringing you great content and information.  Finally thanks again for reading i really do appreciate everyone one of you that takes the time to read these posts.  Bye for now love Zero Waste Vegan

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