the sponge a breeding ground for germs

Did you know it takes around 100,s of years for a sponge to decompose, so after its use it just sits in a landfill for all that time and lets not forget the negative effect from all those chemicals as well. The sponge is very effective at its job, it can clean the dishes, the side the car window and has so many applications. However what actually is a sponge made of, well i did a bit of digging and found that a sponge is made of a mixture of petroleum, bleach, assorted sulphates and a mixture of chemicals, as a product it cant be recycled because we cant melt it, we cant burn it because it produces very nasty chemicals.

A sponge is also a feeding ground for bacteria, in fact it is estimated that there are more germs on a sponge than a toilet seat, however you can buy anti bacterial sponges, which you would think great problem solved, but no this just adds different problems. To make a sponge antibacterial we add a substance called Triclosan, this is a harmful pesticide which is a very effective antibacterial and anti fungal agent, this substance is linked to many health conditions and when you wash your dishes you also add it to the water you are washing up in, it then goes down the sinc and is washed away and thats the last you will need to worry about it right?


Tricoslan cannot be removed by water treatment, when in the water supply it destroys the fragile aquatic eco system in our oceans and some times it ends back with us. So not only is it poising our seas and water potentially it could be also poisoning us as well. Research has shown that there are links between Tricoslan and many health conditions it can interfere with the thyroid and cause skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis, but also there are links between Triclosan and Dioxin. Dioxin weakens the immune system, decreases fertility, increases the chance of miscarriage and birth defects, you would think that based on even the slightest evidence of the potential risks that the government would say “stop wait a minute lets check these findings first, just to make sure there safe” but no its a case of carry on using them until proven the negative effects, the problem is by then its to late, the damage is already done.

It is a crazy world we live we call ourselves intelligent, yet we are slowly destroying the very world we rely so much on to survive, we cut down the trees that produce oxygen and remove carbon, we poison the water we need to drink , we pump toxins and and chemicals in the air we breathe, slowly and surely we are killing ourselves and for what, because its convenient because it cheeper.

So what are the options here what else can we use, well over the past couple of weeks i have been trying a few alternatives i bought a loofa which is grown from a plant i bought a scrubbing pad made from coconut and i bought some scourers made from coconut as well, out of all the products i tried i found the coconut scourer did a better job, the ones i bought are produced by a company call EcoCoconut you can find a link below and I have added a link to there products on the vegan products page. My findings are below.


The Loofah Sponge is grown on a plant called the Luffa Gourd, which produces long fruits that when mature can be harvested, the skin is removed which leaves a long Loofah sponge which can be dried and cut into smaller pieces, the problem i found with this product is much of the dirt got caught up in the loofah sponge and when washing anything oily it would stick to the individual fibres, i believe this products is possibly ideal for the bathroom but would advise against using it in the kitchen.

Safix Scrub Pad

Now i picked one of these up in the Clean Kilo and tested it out there was not much to it, it was made up of coconut fibres and was no larger than the regular sized sponge just not as thick, however it seemed that there was not much to this product, i felt that it would break apart quite easily and would not last to long, i also felt it did hold onto the grease a little as well.

Eco Coconut Scourer

Of all the products i have tried so far i have found this to be the best so far, it is made from coconut bristles, its easy to keep clean and durable so it should last for some time, i fits well in the hand and strong enough to get rid of many stubborn stains, also it does not hold onto the grease like the loofah sponge. It is made from natural resources, naturally anti bacterial and biodegradable so less germs, there is a small amount of metal in the centre but it can be recycled


So if you are looking for a strong long lasting durable scourer for your dishes i would recommend the EcoCoconut Scourer they are not to expensive and last for ages.

Thanks for reading once again and dont forget you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/zerowastevegan2019/

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