Orange & Grapefruit LIP BALM

When we first became Vegan there were not many choices available, combined with the high costs of what was available got me to thinking, surely we can make these things ourselves, after all how complex is it, so I researched and tested different ingredients until I was happy with the results, what I discovered is that the cost to make a product that we buy in the shop, costs a fraction of what it sells for. I estimated that some companies must be marking up products from anywhere between 150-300%. Also to make many products we buy is quite simple you just need to understand how, so over the next few months i am going to be sharing with you some of the recipes I have produced for myself, my family & friends. Whats more if you have got a little money you can start to produce your own body care and sell for a small profit. So the first of these videos is how to make your own Vegan Lipbalm, you only need a few ingredients which you can purchase from Amazon, i will include links below to were i get mine from, the companies I buy from do not test on animals, that was the one thing it took me a little research and a few conversations to check but i imagine you will have more choices now.

This is to make 1 lip balm for a 15ml tin
Jojoba Oil – 5 drops
Grapeseed Oil – 5 ml
Patchouli Oil – 2 drops
Grapefruit Essential Oil – 2 drops
Orange Essential Oil – 2 drops
Vegetable Glycerine – 5 ml
Calendula Oil – 2 drops
Vitamin C – 2 drops
Vitamin E – 2 drops
Avocado Oil – 2 drops
Argan Oil – 2 drops
Soya Wax – 10 grams
Alternatively, message me and I will send you one (you will need to pay for the cost of postage and ingredients)

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