Can we make a difference

We are living in scary times, more and more people are standing up to large government bodies and corporations as we race towards the point of no return “the 2 degree target” however as we have already hit 1 degree is it to late.

Reflecting on this i consider what I myself can do to help achieve this goal, is it possible for one person to make a difference, then Greta Thunberg comes to mind and i think YES I CAN. You see the way i look at it is that all commercial companies will only ever supply what we are willing to buy, which is why there has been a massive decline in dairy companies and meat and a huge increase in the choices of Vegan food, we can keep pointing the finger at these companies but if we then go home and buy the products we are complaining about, these companies will still keep producing the way they are packaged and made.

The problem we face is we need a solution today and not in 5 years time, we can wait for companies to change what they do, or we can stop buying the products that have a negative effect on the environment, by doing this we are then able to force these large companies into producing there products more ethically, we can see it in the media already more and more companies are becoming more ethical, but it is for us the consumer to make the decision to stop and think about what we buy.

Ever since i have started this blog i have always looked at ways i can reduce my impact on the environment and how i can save money, I have found that by shopping around you can purchase many of the fresh food you need from the local markets which come without plastic, just remember to take your own bag, some supermarkets even offer lose vegetables, so you will need to weigh up the cost of what you buy against that of the local market. We have saved money and also reduced our waste by making some of the products we would buy from the supermarket, we now make our own screen wash for the car, I have made recipes to replace the products in the bathroom and kitchen and am now starting to grow our own food.

Now this may all sound very time consuming, but I have found it easier than i thought it would be, youtube is a invaluable tool of information, there are many helpful points of information for food, cleaning products etc, you just need to take the time to watch and try it yourself to see what you are happy with, as everyone is different.

By doing all this I have managed to reduce the rubbish in the bin to virtually nothing, instead of putting the bin out every other week i am only putting it out every 6-8 weeks and even then it is still not full, I have reduced a lot of food and paper that goes into the bin by investing in a compost bin, so any food scraps are saved and put in the composter with any paper and card we have, the point we are now addressing is the biggest obstacle plastic which is slowly getting reduced. There are some things unfortunately we cannot avoid such as the cat has a specific food for his UTI and how do we get rid of things like medication containers like the strips for paracetamol, luckily they can at least be recycled.

If you need to know anything please ask i am more than happy to share what i have learnt with who i can if it means you can reduce the negative impact on the environment, the World is slowly dieing is the way i see it because we are poisinong it and if we do not stop soon then it will be to late.


So i ask you from now on when you go to the shop or buy some product, make a choice based on the environment and not on the price tag, not on convenience, some times in life to do what is right is not easy. Look at what you buy and think is there a more ethical way to buy this product or can i make this myself.

Thanks again for reading this post, please contact me if you have any questions or comments and if you have any topics you would like me to look at, I also have a few recipes I should be posting soon covering body care, food and cleaning products. Lastly I am considering building a vegan social media site so would be interested to get your thoughts on that as well, stay safe and bye for now.

Zero Waste Vegan.

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