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My family has been vegan since mid-2016, since then we have tried to live an ethical life. Considering what we have learned about the destruction to our planet we have a responsibility to ensure we take care of it.

Growing Food

It sill amazes me that supermarkets still pointlessly wrap vegetables and other products in single use plastic, it is this mind set that has put us in the situation we are in, however the good news is we don’t have to continue to buy these products from supermarkets, with a small space we can produce the food we need to eat thus reducing our impact and our spend. If we look back to the 1940/50s many families would grow there own food, this was back by the government, many of us have lost the knowledge to do so or just do not seem to have the space. In the series of videos i am going to show you how you an turn your back garden into your own personal vegetable isle with a difference, you will only be stocking the food you and your family like to eat, i am also going to show how you can grow some food in pots and containers as well, many of these foods can be grown outside as well as in, the benefit of growing inside is you an control the environment and could grow certain foods all year round.

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Being Vegan

Being Vegan is more than just a fad diet or some sort of phase each person who makes the decision to change goes through, it is a belief no more different than any belief, it is what you know and believe to be true, its about change.

I have been a vegan for around three years now and for me and the people around me it has been and always will be a journey. You see we as a species know when something is wrong we know the difference between right and wrong and when we see that a injustice is happening we have a moral obligation to stand up for those who are weaker than us, if we do not stand up for what is right no matter how hard it may be, then is there really any hope for us as a society.

We see it all the time and yet many of us still turn a blind eye, people of power and wealth manipulate those around them so they can become more richer and powerful, we see politicians constantly make false and empty promises and yet we still each year vote for some candidate hoping that they will make a difference but it never does. I am now 45 years old and have only ever voted once, because i know that all politicians only ever tell us what we want to hear, but when put into power never keep to the promises they make, they spend more time arguing like school children than really making a difference.

The facts as i know it are as follows, currently we are facing one of the biggest crisis we have seen in my life time and most probably our parents life times to, we do not need scientist to show us this we only have to see the news to see what is going on, or just walk outside and experience it first hand, after all I now see bees in November when did this start to happen, some of it is out of our control, but there is still much that is in our control, we have a choice we can decide wether what we buy, has a positive effect or negative effect on the environment. Currently one of the biggest causes of global warming is due to animal agriculture, we all know this now there is no disputing this but yet many of us still choose to ignore this because its a inconvenience to us, because we have to change what we do, some might say well being Vegan is expensive but buying meat and dairy can be just as expensive if not more. Currently millions upon millions of animals lose there lives just so those around us can buy a sausage or a piece of bacon, is any life not worth more than the taste of the food you eat. Some might say well i need it because of the nutrients it contains, but you only have to watch many of the top athletes in the world to see this is not so, i myself have never been healthier, i am more aware of what i eat now than i ever was as a meat eater, also the biggest cause of death is heart disease due to a diet high in cholesterol which comes from eating meat and dairy, after all how many people do you hear about dyeing from a piece of broccoli.

When i was a meat eater i never looked at the ingredients on the packaging of the food i ate, because i did not need to and it is this exact reason why many people today suffer from heart disease which is the biggest killer on the planet, we have seen many people who have been living a life on medication prescribed by doctors who get financial kick backs from pharmaceutical companies no longer reliant on the very medications that were meant to make them better, but yet they are not making them better if they were they would not become addicted to these pills they are given, many medicines provided are designed to make you comfortable not to heal and come with many side effects, so making you ill-er still, so off you go back to the doctors for another pill and then another until your life becomes daily ritual of prescription medication.

I think Dr Michael Gregor said it best, the body wants to heal itself and if you let it it will, but if you keep injuring it, it will stay broken, by changing your diet you can reduce your risk of heart disease massively, I am not just a Vegan i am a father i owe it not just to myself but to my children to stay healthy, i have witnessed what cancer and heart disease can do and i do not wish it upon anyone.

World hunger seems to me a problem that has been around for such a long time, yet it has now been proven that if we stop feeding the food to cattle not only can we start to give back the land to nature but we can also give the food to those who are starving in the world, much of the food we grow is given to livestock, it is estimated we need 8 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat, if we gave the food to ourselves rather than cattle we could then end world hunger and stop many people in third world countries from starving to death each year.

I don’t expect you to suddenly go out and change over night but I think we need to start to consider that it is not just the companies fault we are as much to blame, companies produce what we demand, if we stop buying it then companies will stop producing it, stop buying meat then there will be no more slaughter houses, no more animals will die, stop drinking milk or cheese and mothers will not be forcibly impregnated which wether we want to admit it or not is rape, just because we can does not make it right, we here it all the time she did not agree its rape, she tried to stop it but it happened any way its rape, we are raping millions of female cows every year just so we can drink milk and eat cheese. Now if you have got to this point and are getting angry at what i writ, then maybe you should take a moment and consider this, why are you so angry is it because what i am saying is wrong or is it because what i say is true and you know it but just don’t want to admit it so you can keep drinking milk and eating cheese. Picture this you want a glass of milk and then picture yourself drinking from a cow don’t you think this to be a little strange, and then ask yourself this would you walk into a field and start to suckle on the udder of a cow and if not why, after all this is where your milk comes from. The crazy thing is most people are lactose intolerant.

So lets come back to plastic then, many of the products we buy from the shops are wrapped in plastic and they don’t need to be, this very plastic ends up in the bin then in a landfill or in the ocean and is killing our planet and i don’t know about you but it scares me to think about what sort of future are we leaving our children. A few months back i was in London i decided to start to photograph each piece of plastic i saw on the thames my battery ran out on my mobile phone, i had only walked 100 yards, every where i look i see plastic, I see people throwing rubbish from there cars, dropping it in the street and we wonder why this world is dyeing. Make the choice today don’t wait until tomorrow start to look and see what you can change in the way you buy and purchase your groceries, buy lose vegetables not pre packed, find ways of buying products that can be reused make them yourself if you can, you, me we all can make a difference we just need to start.

So i ask you to commit today i want you to comment below one thing you are going to do to make a positive change, if you need any help or advice please message me i am always happy to help. Thanks for reading and watch out for my next video I have made gluten free no bake mini millionaire bites.

DIY – Make your own Cashew Milk

Plant based milks are so easy to make and the great thing is you can tweak the recipe based on your own preference. When looking at making my own i tried various methods to sweeten the recipe, and found that artificial sweeteners and syrups even the natural ones did not taste right, however the dates worked really well & the fact that it comes from a plant and not processed even better.

For the recipe you will need Cashew nuts, Dates and Water it is that simple, you will also need a blender and some sort of bag to squeeze the liquid through, the ratio is for every cup of cashews you want 2 dates and 2 cups of water. Links are below what i use, the blender is fantastic its great for smoothies and i use it for making breakfast bars for the kids and gluten free treats as well. Hope you liked the video and please leave a comment, any questions please message me at Facebook the links below.

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DIY MINERALISING Whitening Toothpaste

The problem with many toothpastes I find is that they contain chemicals such as SLS which can cause various health issues such as Cancer, to help improve teeth health you need to remineralise your teeth, this can be done by using ingredients such as calcium & Phosphate however our body already produces enough phosphate so as long as you ave a reasonable amount of vitamin D the calcium should be enough.

To make this Mineralising Whitening Toothpaste you will nee the following:
Calcium – 1 tablespoon
Charcoal – 1 tablespoon
Vegetable Glycerine – 1.5 teaspoons
Peppermint Oil – .5 teaspoon (add more if you want it really minty)

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the sponge a breeding ground for germs

Did you know it takes around 100,s of years for a sponge to decompose, so after its use it just sits in a landfill for all that time and lets not forget the negative effect from all those chemicals as well. The sponge is very effective at its job, it can clean the dishes, the side the car window and has so many applications. However what actually is a sponge made of, well i did a bit of digging and found that a sponge is made of a mixture of petroleum, bleach, assorted sulphates and a mixture of chemicals, as a product it cant be recycled because we cant melt it, we cant burn it because it produces very nasty chemicals.

A sponge is also a feeding ground for bacteria, in fact it is estimated that there are more germs on a sponge than a toilet seat, however you can buy anti bacterial sponges, which you would think great problem solved, but no this just adds different problems. To make a sponge antibacterial we add a substance called Triclosan, this is a harmful pesticide which is a very effective antibacterial and anti fungal agent, this substance is linked to many health conditions and when you wash your dishes you also add it to the water you are washing up in, it then goes down the sinc and is washed away and thats the last you will need to worry about it right?


Tricoslan cannot be removed by water treatment, when in the water supply it destroys the fragile aquatic eco system in our oceans and some times it ends back with us. So not only is it poising our seas and water potentially it could be also poisoning us as well. Research has shown that there are links between Tricoslan and many health conditions it can interfere with the thyroid and cause skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis, but also there are links between Triclosan and Dioxin. Dioxin weakens the immune system, decreases fertility, increases the chance of miscarriage and birth defects, you would think that based on even the slightest evidence of the potential risks that the government would say “stop wait a minute lets check these findings first, just to make sure there safe” but no its a case of carry on using them until proven the negative effects, the problem is by then its to late, the damage is already done.

It is a crazy world we live we call ourselves intelligent, yet we are slowly destroying the very world we rely so much on to survive, we cut down the trees that produce oxygen and remove carbon, we poison the water we need to drink , we pump toxins and and chemicals in the air we breathe, slowly and surely we are killing ourselves and for what, because its convenient because it cheeper.

So what are the options here what else can we use, well over the past couple of weeks i have been trying a few alternatives i bought a loofa which is grown from a plant i bought a scrubbing pad made from coconut and i bought some scourers made from coconut as well, out of all the products i tried i found the coconut scourer did a better job, the ones i bought are produced by a company call EcoCoconut you can find a link below and I have added a link to there products on the vegan products page. My findings are below.


The Loofah Sponge is grown on a plant called the Luffa Gourd, which produces long fruits that when mature can be harvested, the skin is removed which leaves a long Loofah sponge which can be dried and cut into smaller pieces, the problem i found with this product is much of the dirt got caught up in the loofah sponge and when washing anything oily it would stick to the individual fibres, i believe this products is possibly ideal for the bathroom but would advise against using it in the kitchen.

Safix Scrub Pad

Now i picked one of these up in the Clean Kilo and tested it out there was not much to it, it was made up of coconut fibres and was no larger than the regular sized sponge just not as thick, however it seemed that there was not much to this product, i felt that it would break apart quite easily and would not last to long, i also felt it did hold onto the grease a little as well.

Eco Coconut Scourer

Of all the products i have tried so far i have found this to be the best so far, it is made from coconut bristles, its easy to keep clean and durable so it should last for some time, i fits well in the hand and strong enough to get rid of many stubborn stains, also it does not hold onto the grease like the loofah sponge. It is made from natural resources, naturally anti bacterial and biodegradable so less germs, there is a small amount of metal in the centre but it can be recycled


So if you are looking for a strong long lasting durable scourer for your dishes i would recommend the EcoCoconut Scourer they are not to expensive and last for ages.

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New Youtube Channel

Ok so i know i usually only post on a Saturday, however i just wanted to mention this new Youtube channel i have now started here is the link to my first video zero waste vegan, its a update on how i am getting on with soap nuts as it has been a few months now and i have also mentioned a few new finds i have come across i am trying out at the minute, i would ask if you please could subscribe and share with your friends as the more people who watch the more videos i will be doing, also hopefully eventually i will be able to get enough subscribers and views on social media that i can do this full time, which i am hoping will help many others who might be considering going zero waste as well.

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A Close Shave

It is estimated that at least 2 billion razors end up in landfills each year, the issue with razors is that they are very difficult to recycle, they consist of three types of materials, firstly the main body of the razor is made from plastic, this can consist of several types which can be hard to separate and very costly, then you have the grip which consists of rubber which is designed to be more comfortable in the hand and less likely to slip, of course not all disposable razors come with a rubber grip and then there is finally the blade itself this can be made from stainless steel or aluminium.  

Plastic is like a poison that is killing our planet and whilst we continue to use products like the disposable razor we are contributing to a ever increasing problem. There is some silver lining to this recently a company called TerraCycle have teamed up with Gillette to take back disposable razors.  TerraCycle specialises in recycling products that are hard to recycle, however if you and i am unaware of this process how are we to send back the razor, the only reason i am aware and now yourself is because i have done some research about disposable razors, but lets face fact, most people if you asked them about this would most probably not be aware.  

The problem we face in society is that we have become a throw away society, it is far easier for us to simply throw away what we do not need and let someone else deal with it.  This as we can see has presented a huge challenge, as we try to now clean up the very oceans we have contaminated.  


So what is the alternative, well we could go back to the day of not shaving, however i am not to sure that would go down well with many people who like the clean shaven look, and many women with hairy legs, but do not fret there are options available firstly  the electric razor, i myself have used one for many years and i am always happy with the results, it never will shave as close and smooth as a razor but i have always liked the feel of sandpaper lol.  However if you like the closeness that a razor can give Sweeney Todd is giving away free shaves, or you could just buy a cut throat razor or a safety razor, these are not to expensive there are various options from metal to wooden handles and they cost around about £20+.

 Considering the choices available i think the safety razor looks very snazzy and i am thinking of trading my electric for a safety this way i am reducing the impact i have on the environment by reducing my energy consumption.

I found the follow company on Amazon they are a zero waste company which is great, i know someone who has one and they love it Bambaw they sell them for £16.99 on amazon they also sell various

Now whilst i still have your attention thats if you have not already fell asleep, i just wanted to give a quick update on some of the products i have been using over the past few weeks, so far i am finding the soap nuts are very good at washing my clothes however they are not good at removing stubborn stains however i have come across a product called a Eco Egg, Helen picked one of these up a couple of months ago and it seems to do  great job also soap nuts leaves a distinct smell on your clothes were the eco egg does not, with reference to the toothpaste i did run out out at one point and started to use my old toothpaste again and have recently just made up some more toothpaste I have added some red mint i got from the garden as the toothpaste melted when to warm this seems to stop it from happening, between the change of toothpaste i noticed my gums start to bleed a little however now that i have been using it again for a couple of days it has stopped, i think is due to the coconut oil being very good at ridding your gums of bacteria also my teeth feel cleaner, i have seen another recipe i am looking to try which is made from spices and will be making a mouth wash soon as well, on a different note i will shortly be doing youtube videos comparing different recipes and products i find to see what really works i am really looking forward to it in fact i am quite excited about the whole thing.  If there is anything you would like to suggest remember to comment below, ay feedback would be great and remember to watch out for the videos, i hopefully will be able to do this every day soon so by you watching the videos etc will support us and means we can carry on bringing you great content and information.  Finally thanks again for reading i really do appreciate everyone one of you that takes the time to read these posts.  Bye for now love Zero Waste Vegan

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Wave Goodbye to Wet Wipes

There everywhere in the bathroom the kitchen, the car we have wet wipes to clean our faces polish our furniture and polish our sides, but why do we depend so much on this one product and what are they really made from.

Wet wipes are made from small plastic fibres they are actually one of the biggest headaches to the water industry, as many of them get flushed down the toilet and end up clogging up the sewers making what they call in the industry fatbergs. Even the so called flushable wipes 99% of the time are not actually biodegradable and the country spends millions each year getting rid of them. Currently we in the UK use around 11,000,000,000 wet wipes all these wipes ether get flushed down the loo or end up in landfills the problem is because they are made of plastic fibres it will take a long time for them to degrade, like all single use plastics we only use them for a short time, in this case seconds and then they take many many years to degrade down.

It seems that we have become creatures of convenience, and most of us do not even know or are aware of this fact that wipes contain plastic, but hopefully by reading this you to can make that decision to stop buying wet wipes, this situation has got so bad that in London there is even a new river bank just made up of these things. We do not have to use wet wipes if we reflect back most families wiped there sides with a cloth there face with a cloth, amazing a cloth that can be washed and used over and over again, however if you would prefer that disposable wipe then why not just make your own, take some strong kitchen towel separate it from the roll and place the towels into a container that you can seal, how about recycling some plastic container you find around the house, when we went through our cupboards we found a good 3o types of containers with lids. Then take some coconut oil, distilled water, baby shampoo and liquid fragrance, follow this link to the video i found How to make baby wipes! | DIY BABY WIPES the video is by “do it for a dime” so it is not only better but cheaper as well and only takes a couple of seconds to make.

The fact is we don’t need to buy wet wipes no more than we need to buy plastic carrier bags, we do so because it is convenient but by just making a few simple changes to our lives then we can make a big change to the world. Follow this link to a petition to ban the use of plastic from friends of the earth Help reduce plastic in oceans, just remember time is fast running out and the decisions you make today we decide the future we leave for our children and those after them, we can ether be the generation that destroyed the world or the generation that saved it.

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DIY Washing Up Liquid

We as a family are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment and buy making what we can ourselves ensures we know what goes down the sink in this case. Now i did do some research on some of the various brands on the market and found that companies don’t tend to give to much away about what they put in each bottle, some companies even get endorsed by various organisations, which is great until you dig a little deeper and notice the companies they are endorsed by are the same companies they also donate to generously to. However some information is available on the internet and many of the ingredients are bad for our skin and lets not forget all the chemicals we literally are washing down the drain every time we wash our pots and pans. So based on this we decided to take matters into our own hands and did a little research online trying to find a alternative solution, luckily we came across quite a lot of footage on the almighty YOUTUBE on there we managed to find various recipes some were 100% natural, some claimed to be 100% natural and were just taking various shop bought products and combining them, we did try various recipes one including the mighty soap nut which did wash ok but struggled with greasy crockery, however after some tests by a panel of the top scientific minds eg our son Ben and myself we managed to produce a good quality washing up liquid which should last a very long time, we made 5 litres and it smells fantastic, doesn’t cost that much to make and should last for ages and whats more, you only need three ingredients for this recipe.



6 whole lemons cut into quarters

5 litres of water (preferably distilled)

750 grams of soap grated


Firstly take the lemons and add two cups of water in a saucepan, bring to boil and cook on moderate heat for around 20-30 minutes until the lemons are soft, remove from the heat and let them cool, when cool put your lemons into a blender and blend them until they are like a fine puree. Next fill a saucepan up with the 5 litres of water and when warm add the grated soap allow this to dissolve and stir occasionally DO NOT LET IT BOIL when the soap has dissolved add the lemon puree and allow all this to simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Then let it cool, when cool add it to a container. Use 1-2 cap full per washing up load.

I used this to clean my dishes and cooker and it handled the grease really well, don’t expect it to bubble like store bought as they add SLS to theres which is bad for us to give it bubbles, but if you do feel you need some bubbles, add some washing soda about a cup full, the great thing is due to the lemons it is fantastic with grease and it smells amazing

Thanks one again for taking the time to read this, i hope it was helpful, let us know how you get on with this or if you have made your own washing up liquid that is working for you.

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Taking Care of Your Teeth

Currently there are 66 million people living in the UK, each person goes through an average of 3 tubes of toothpaste a year some maybe more, so that is 198,000,000 tubes of toothpaste that at sometime or other head there way to a landfill.

Each empty tube of toothpaste weighs 8g, which means that there is 125,000 tubes to a tonne, equaling to 1,584 tonnes each year ends in a landfill. Based on what i found i decided to make my own and to take a look at the ingredients in toothpaste to find out what i was really putting in my mouth.

The five main ingredients used in each tube of toothpaste are Flouride, Glycerol, Sorbitol, Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

FLUORIDE is used in toothpaste to help fight tooth decay, basically making the enamel harder on your teeth, this is also the reason why the local authorities put it in our water. However research has shown that to much fluoride is actually toxic to us, it can cause a condition called dental fluorosis which leaves white streaks on the teeth, to much exposure over a period of time can cause damage to our bones and joints leaving them more hardened and less elastic giving us a increased risk of fractures. The fact is Fluoride is a highly toxic substance in the U.S. poison warnings are now put on any tube containing the stuff, it is more toxic than lead and slightly less than arsenic and is used in some rodenticides and pesticides to kill rats and insects.

GLYCEROL is used in many things we find in the store, it is used in toothpaste to ensure it does not dry out and so it glides smoothly from the tube. It can be taken orally but you have to watch out for side effects such as bloating nausea, vomiting and thirst but thats if you take it in large quantities, it has many benefits such as it is used to reduce pressure on the brain for stroke victims, so as long as you not looking to drink it neat you should be ok with this ingredient.

SORBITOL has been used for sometime as a sugar alternative for people with diabetes as helps sweeten food, it is commonly used in toothpaste to give it a sweeter taste as it does not give you cavities. It can be taken if you suffer from constipation (make sure you don’t go anywhere to far from the toilet if you take it) it can also be used to help reduce weight however you have to be careful how much you take as to much can cause extreme weight loss, in fact there has been recordings of this were people have chewed around 20 sticks of gum a day which has caused extreme stomach upsets from it.

CALCIUM CARBONATE this substance is used as a abrasive to help remove plaque from your teeth, calcium is a important part of bone health and is also used to help our muscles function however it does have the negative side of causing kidney stones but in the amount found in toothpaste should not really be a issue, you should also be aware it can make some drugs less effective.

SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE is a detergent used in toothpaste to give you bubbly foam, it has been used in many cosmetics for many years, SLS can cause irritation to the eyes, lungs, cause mouth sores and has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals, i would suggest you to steer clear of any products containing these just to be on the safe side.

From what we can see the ingredients used in toothpaste have some benefits but also a few negatives and personally anything containing SLS is a big no for me, so what are the options available, for the last week i have been trying a alternative toothpaste i made myself from three ingredients Coconut Oil, Bicarbonate of Soda and Peppermint Oil, i have found my teeth to be clean, they also feel stronger before swopping i found my teeth were starting to move a little however since changing i find they move less, my gums don’t bleed and my breathe feels fresh, even as the day goes on i still find no change in this, i would often brush my teeth at night and wake in the morning feeling like i had not brushed at all, now i find my teeth still feel clean in the morning. The only thing you need to remember is that coconut oil melts at room temperature so its best to keep it in a fridge, however even when i have used it at room temperature it still has done a good job of cleaning my teeth.

To make your own toothpaste you will need Organic Coconut Oil 1 x tablespoon, Bicarbonate Soda 1 x teaspoon and about 20 drops of peppermint but you can adjust this to taste, you will also need a small jar to keep it all in. Mix it all together well and as mentioned keep it in the fridge until you need it, i take mine out before bed to brush my teeth and then return it in the morning when i have brushed them in the morning i find this better than running up and down the stairs unless of course you plan on installing a cooler in the bathroom. The big plus is by making your ow toothpaste you are not buying tubes of toothpaste that are going to end up in a landfill, you might want to also consider next time you change your toothbrush to look at more sustainable options eg made from bamboo however remember the bristles are still made from plastic, but at least its a step in the right direction. Now remember the figures i have used are based on the UK if we took the world wide population based on the use of 3 tubes of toothpaste a year at a population of 7.7 billion, tell you work it out and comment below.

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